Thursday, February 9, 2012

Thursday 3-- Three {FREE} Rewarding Sites

Recyclebank-- This is one of my favorites. Participate in different activities (watching videos, taking quizzes, pledging to recycle and actually recycling) to earn all sorts of great rewards. Recently there was a $2 off any Kashi item coupons that were great. There are retailer discounts, buy one get ones and tons more. Others have reported Harris Teeter and Publix $5/35 coupons at times. It's easy, free and you'll learn quite a bit about protecting our environment as well. ***Tip: Have your kids participate with you for a wonderful science lesson :)

DailyFeats-- I just discovered this one, but I already love it. Click on activities as you do them daily, give others props for their accomplishments, join a group or challenge, and earn rewards like $5 Ebay gift certificates and $5/35 Walgreens cards. Or provide a donation to a worthy organization :) All for working on creating habits that are good for you anyways. Can ya beat that?

Facebook-- Okay, perhaps this site needs no introduction. Even my mother, who refuses to create her own account, has added this social media giant's title to her common vocabulary. So, it isn't that surprising that so many companies have facebook pages. Likewise a large majority of these sites offer printable coupons and promotions. Lately I have earned 3 free bottles of Pantene and scored countless coupons that granted me very discounted (if not free) items.

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