Monday, February 6, 2012

Favorite Coupons & Freebies

There are so many good deals right now. I am rediscovering my love of shopping {sans the desire to spend money} ;)

Here's a list of just some of my favorites:

for Publix:

Sominex & Phayzyme $2/1
-- use these (you should be able to print twice per computer) stacked with the $5/2 coupon in Publix's Green Advantage Flyer & make $2.62 and $2.02 in overage, respectively
**NOTE: Publix shoppers are a savvy bunch, so oftentimes good deal products run out quick (I find this especially true with vitamins/medicines), so try going Wednesday morning (restocking occurs on Tuesday, at least in my area) for the freshest selection OR you can always put in a special order for the next week. And, if all else fails--ask for a raincheck.

Tena $7/1
-- this is a pdf coupon you receive when you sign up. There are no restrictions. It reads "up to $7", so depending on the cashier you may receive $7 off or simply the price of the product ($5.19 at Publix). The coupon will beep prompting the cashier to enter the amount, so it is up to their discretion. It reads that the vendor will receive reimbursement for the amount of the coupon plus the $0.08 handling, so it shouldn't harm Publix to go ahead and take off $7, giving you almost $2 in overage.

Sambazon for FREE-- "like" them on facebook & share the deal with a friend--earn a free 10.5 oz bottle, cashier will have to write in the amount, but it'll be FREE
Sambazon $2/1-- (use zip 33614 if you don't see it) Sambazon 10.5 oz (found in produce section) are on sale 2 for $4, so score free drinks with this one :)

Beech-Nut $1/3-- the Stage 2 glass jars of baby food are B1G1 (so, 2 for $0.55), so with 6 jars & 2 coupons, you can earn $0.35 in overage

Birds Eye $1/2-- complete activity to print coupon, most Bird's Eye frozen veggies are 50% at Publix right now, so stack this coupon with the $1/2 Publix coupon (found in the "Find Yourself in Good Health" booklets at the store) and get free or very cheap veggies

Kikkoman $1/1-- the seasoning packets are $0.89 at regular price at Publix, so they are $0.11 moneymakers each

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