Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Jolly Mom/Go Graham Go site review & giveaways

Well, I checked out Jolly Mom, and I have to say, this blogger is much more than just giveaways (but aren't her giveaways great?? --see below)

This mama also has these great sites:
-The Jolly Kitchen- which is full of recipes, tips and offers! It just about makes me wanna cook (and, if you know me, you'd know that's a stretch :) And, I was surprised to find one of my new favorite desserts: Unbaked Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies!! One of my best buddies, Tara, brought these to a get together a few weeks ago, and I ended up taking them home and eating all of them myself!! T- did you get the recipe here?
-Save Your Sen$e at Home- this is a thrifty blog which has even more giveaways, can you believe it?? And freebies! And, I just love her memes, one for each day: More Money Monday, Tuesday Giveaway Roundup, Work at Home Wednesday, Thrifty Thursday, and Freebie Friday. Coupons, freebies and giveaways, I'm almost beside myself!!
-Saving With Style- which is just what it sounds like, a blog about saving stylishly. You'll find the wonderful coupons and reviews on here as well, but with a minimalistic, direct feel, which is a surprisingly welcome contrast to her busier sites (which happen to be more my style!!--but for those of you who are far more organized and focused than I am, this is the place for you!)

So, my final verdict is that Jolly Mom (a.k.a. Piera Jolly) is a passionate, legitimate, popular, reputable giveaway hostess, and I totally recommend her and will continue to promote her on my blog! (yes, with multiple buttons on my sidebar :)

And, if you already love her (or trust my opinion), I suggest you follow Piera on Twitter.

And. . .

I'm not sure the relationship--I'd guess friends, Piera and Felicia, feel free to correct me :)--but there is a connection between Jolly Mom and Go Graham Go!'s webmistress, Felicia, so I feel I should give you my review of her site as well. So, here goes. . .

Go Graham Go
This is just such a cute blog to look at, I almost don't care about it's content. (No, I'm just kidding, but I do think the little boy in the header looks like my middle one, bandaids and all) Felicia subtitles her blog, "A Mom's Take on What Products Work and the Best Bang for Your Buck"--and I think it's quite fitting. There are tons of great coupons, free blog templates, product reviews and my favorite, a testimony to our Lord. Like Jolly Mom, this site has plenty of resources if you want to advertise. Go Graham Go! also has different (but equally exciting) giveaways. See...

I'd have to say that Felicia's site is just as interesting, reliable, and helpful. I have no qualms about leaving her button on my sidebar, and I will gladly promote her giveaways in the future (and participate as well!!)

If you want to know more about Go Graham Go!'s, Felicia, follow her on Twitter or find her on Facebook. I did!

***Since I've written this, Jolly Mom has added more giveaways, GO SEE! So has Go Graham Go! Don't believe me? Check out her site too!


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