Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Enter giveaways with me at Steals and Deals & A Giveaway Addicted Mommy

Okay, I've told you before, but I'll tell you again. . .I LOVE STEALS and DEALS! In fact, I think this is the second site I went to hunting for giveaways, and I've been a faithful follower ever since. So, logic suggests I should mention the great giveaways at this site first:


Olive Kids-- These are the cutest little "floor pillows". I think I need one for each of my boys now! Take a look at the Olive Kids site, what are your favorites? (**Hint hint, I love the Pirates!)

'Last Child in the Woods' from Powell's Books-- Ooh, have I told you how much I love Powell's Books?! (boy, I'm lovey today, huh?) Whenever I need an old, rare, out-of-print book, which is surprisingly often, I only visit one site, Powell's. Now, to my surprise, Steals and Deals is offering a giveaway for a great book on nature-deprivation with today's kids, called "Last Child in the Woods" by Richard Louv. I strongly suggest you take a look, we could all learn something! If not, remember Powell's Books for all your book needs!!

Oh Happy Day!- I am a big fan of Gospel music, so this giveaway must be for me ;). Okay, so maybe you aren't a huge fan of Gospel music, but I bet you are a fan of Queen Latifah, Three Doors Down, Jon Bon Jovi (yes, the Jon Bon Jovi) or Joss Stone. If so, you are in luck too, because they all perform on this compilation album. With Easter just around the corner, what a wonderful way to celebrate!!


-Hand-stamped Silver Family Necklace from Lauren Nicole Gifts-- These are popular necklaces these days, and I have to have one (I can feel hubby cringing!) Enter the giveaway here. And, I suggest you check out some of Lauren Nicole Gifts' other great creations. Some of my favorites?? Well, the Fine Silver Wax Seal Initial Necklace tops the list! But, only one initial?? I would have to use my name I guess (or else get 5, that would be great too ;) I also adore ALL, yes all, the copper creations, it's so hard to pick a favorite! And I thought there were too many options in silver! I could hang out at Lauren Nicole all day!!

-Cart Stopper-- Oh my goodness, this. . .is. . .brilliant!! A suction cup attachment for your shopping cart allows you to "stick" onto your car preventing future rollaway carts with babies inside. You may have never had this problem, but I'm quite familiar with it. Visit My Lil Monkeys and see for yourself!

-O Yikes! changing pad and onesie-- I almost stopped blogging after the Cart Stopper, but then I noticed this giveaway and postponed dinner (*just a bit) so I could let you know about this one too! O Yikes! has really stylish bags for mamas, making mommyhood for the hip and trendy (not just us baby puke-covered style challenged moms like me!)

Tired of giveaways, yet? Me neither. I'm off to cook some "din-din" (*yes, I have reduced myself to the vernacular of my 3 year old--forgive me!), but never fear, in the overused, trite words of the Terminator: I'LL BE BACK!

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