Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Unexpected Publix Clearance Moneymaker

I love coupons. But even more than going on regular, planned couponing trips, I love love love it when I find unexpected deals (lately I've been finding them on the clearance racks) that turn out to make super cheap, free, and often money making items. My last good score was on Axe deodorant--I think each of them were a $0.75 moneymaker. My latest trip I found Kotex.

Now, a disclaimer: I could never use the amount of feminine products that are stocking my closet, probably not even in a lifetime. That being said, in case of emergency (i.e. flood or bleeding) these little suckers will come in quite handy. The Kotex deal I found was on super plus absorbancy tampons--which I will never use--but if I ever need to soak up some water, I know what I'm grabbing first ;P I am also collecting items for a donation to a local womens' shelter that will be full of feminine products, deodorant, toothpaste & many other needed items.

So, here is the transaction:

I bought:
(8) U by Kotex Super Absorbancy Tampons--clearanced at $2.40
& (4) Lady Speedstick deodorant- small clear bottle --$2.79 (others were $2.89)-- I could have bought 8 with this deal, but I only had 2 of the BOGO coupons and there were only $2.89 bottles left & I just chose not to

I used:
(8) $2/1 U by Kotex peelies
(8) $1/1 U by Kotex item (Publix q- March of Dimes booklet, exp. 5/9)
(2) BOGO Speedstick mc
(4) Free Lady Speedstick wyb Kotex (Publix q- March of Dimes booklet, exp. 5/9)

Before coupons, it was $30.36
After coupons it was a $10.38 MONEYMAKER

I'm not too keen on getting money back that often--I will on occasion, but I like to fill up the overage with other items. Here is what I added to the trip & the coupons I used:
-(1) Stouffer's Family Size Meatloaf--sale priced at $3.99
---used $2/1 Stouffers IP
-(2) Pepperidge Farm Texas Toast--BOGO for $2.89
---used (1) $0.50/any Pepp farm item (had I been more prepared, I would have brought 2 of the $0.50/1 Pepperidge Farm frozen bread or rolls qs from 3/25 SS and saved my "on any product" q for later, but oh well)
-(1) Idaho Gold Selects Mashed Potatoes (for the hubby)-- $1.34
-(4) Sundown Vitamin A--$3.29
---used (2) $5/2 Publix qs (GAB) & (2) $3/2 mc IP's (printable via email sign up)
-(10) Hefty EZ Foil pans--BOGO $1.99
---used (10) $1/1 Publix qs (Spring Gathering booklet exp. 5/29)
-(3) Stonyfield yogurt--10 for $6
---used (1) $2.00/3 Stonyfield IP

I had not pre-calculated for the Kotex deal, so I actually came out with a $4.92 overage. It's been weeks since I've gotten any money back, so I was happy to get it :)

So, there ya have it. So often aren't the best deals the unexpected ones?

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