Sunday, February 5, 2012

spent $5.21 on $302.08 worth of groceries---2 Publix Trips today for 2 $10 gift cards

So, I'm not all interested in the Super Bowl. Figured I'd spend the morning stocking up on some more groceries. My goal is to earn 5 $10 Publix gift cards this week {I have until Wednesday night for this promotion). Earned 1 yesterday & 2 today. Two more to go. I already have 1 list prepared; I plan to get the fresh produce items on the 4th trip. But I am going to take a break for a day or 2 while I finish up some Etsy orders & work on schoolwork with the boys.

So, here ya have it. I did it in 2 trips (at 2 different Publix stores) because the first (my favorite) didn't have enough stock for both. I'll write up the lists later like I did in my last post, but right now I must go cook dinner.

First trip:

Total OOP: $0.53 (forgot to use gift card, so I actually paid cash--plus Dalton wanted Starburst which were $1.01 & for which I paid full retail--gasp! ;) The lady behind me was actually shocked I bought it without a coupon, hahaha ;P

Trip 2:

Total OOP: $4.68 (used Friday's gift card so it actually didn't cost me anything)

Total spent: $5.21 Total saved (according to Publix): $302.08 (**unfortunately many of these items were store promotions so they came off the total immediately, making my total under $300 in both trips, so thus not making me eligible for 3 cards. But, I think I did okay nonetheless ;P)

Then, there's this, the donuts from the first trip that were quickly devoured ;), the coupons from products I purchased (I didn't use them on the purchase b/c I had better ones, so I've got those for later), and the 2 gift cards I received. I also earned one on Friday's trip.

So, there ya have it. I'd like to be able to match up all the coupons for ya, but I HEART PUBLIX is really all ya need. That, the coupon database at Southern Savers, a few coupon printer downloads & well, the Sunday paper (lots of them).

Alrighty then. I feel like I accomplished something today :)

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