Friday, May 1, 2009

traveling (yes, with kids)

INSPIRE: Travel Edition
Blog Trilogy
Please visit my other two "homes" for a themed continuation of this series. See some perfect accessories for your trip at Olive Shoot Makes Stuff and chuckle reading about traveling mercies at Olive Shoot. Enjoy!

Odd-numbered highways run north to south. Even-numbered highways run east to west. Two-digit interstates are often the most direct routes through a city (i.e. I-95), while three-digit interstates go around the cities. (also true in Jacksonville I-295 goes around)


Roadfood -- find the best food in the small towns along your route
Roadside America -- guide to the often missed, offbeat attractions
Road Trip America -- estimate gas costs based on gas prices and your car's fuel efficiency then go to WHERE? and find the gas stations with the cheapest prices
-- Check out the Funny Signs section!
-- Tons of great links here to sites such as:
Road Trip Planning
Families On the Road
Road Sign Math


Mom's Minivan -- 101 car games for kids, road trip ideas, printables and travel freebies
-- one of my boys' favorite games for the car was Battleship (Did you know you could
play this game without the obnoxious tiny white and red pieces??)
-- also check out Road Trip Mom's Blog for even more resources
Family Fun Travel Games -- there are a few good ones here
What Would You Do? Family Game printables
Crayola -- Crayola has a fair selection as well

I hope that if you do take a trip this summer (or anytime!) with your kids, that it is pleasurable for everyone (including mom ;)


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